Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Moments from May

Whew!  What a busy month May turned out to be!  We had visits from family, Raef's Graduation from Vanderbilt, Josiah's dedication, Mother's Day, and sweet moments with just the 3 of us.  The following is a snapshot of the month, culminating with Josiah turning 6 weeks old!  
Enjoy as we walk through May...

Josiah is 2 Weeks Old -- Gigi came back to Nashville to visit and enjoyed lots of cuddling with him.  We took Josiah to his 2 week old appointment and found he wasn't gaining enough weight through nursing exclusively.  We were told to begin pumping my milk and supplementing with formula.  Raef was still finishing student teaching, so Josiah and Mommy hung out all day together.  Josiah played in his swing and we took naps together mostly.  

Josiah is 3 Weeks Old -- During this week, the Williams came back to visit.  Josiah met Aunt Leslie for the first time and was a part of Daddy's graduation from Vanderbilt on Friday, May 11.  The morning of graduation began with a breakfast for the graduates and lots of quality time for pictures.  Raef is excited to have his picture with Zac Stacy, a prominent football player for the 'Dores. On Saturday, May 12, Gigi came back to visit and it was wonderful to have both families in Nashville all together.  Mommy treasured the time as she loved having so many people spending time with Josiah.  Sunday, May 13 was a special day -- not only was it the first Mother's Day, but it was more importantly Josiah's Dedication at Faith Church.  The Scripture read over Josiah by Pastor Chuck and Granddad Harold lay the foundation for this little baby to grow into a mighty man of God, filled with the Holy Spirit to be a leader and restorer of true worship in the Church.

Josiah is 4 and 5 Weeks Old --  We settled into really being a family with the 3 of us.  Both Mommy and Daddy were home and able to take care of Josiah.  We ventured to Target, Publix, and went out to eat a few times.  Josiah began eating every 2 hours and was settling into a semblance of a schedule.  He outgrew his newborn onesies, rasised his head and kicked his feet during tummy time, and started "talking" to us with sweet coohs, and giggles, and grunts.  He smiled at our voices and loved listening to music.  We saw his personality begin to take shape -- very social, loves to play independently, and can be a little obstinate and grumpy when not getting what he wants or when he is uncomfortable.  We are learning so much about how to parent this little boy!

Josiah is 6 Weeks Old -- The highlight of this week was seeing Josiah's activity!  We bought him a Baby Einstein floor mat play gym.  He LOVES it!  He bats at the toys hanging down, grasps the blue octopus and holds it, and talks and talks and talks!  We also discovered this week that he likes watching TV (uh oh!)...  His language is increasing daily as we hear more sounds and new sounds.  He is getting stronger, lifting his head on his own, and constantly moving his arms and legs.  He's beginning to sleep 4 hour stretches at night which is a huge help to Mom and Dad!  We are transfixed by him -- watching him take in the world and enjoy seeing new experiences through his eyes.

Raef, Allison, and Josiah

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Josiah is One Week Old!

On Tuesday, April 24th, Josiah turned one week old!  A lot took place this week as we brought him home and settled into life with the 3 of us.  Mom took charge of Josiah's needs and Dad took over everything else! :)  We are learning to follow Josiah's schedule while also trying to shape his eating and sleeping habits for later.  We have received tons of smiles, coos, and cuddles in response.  Here are some pictures of his first week:
Granddad and Daddy and Josiah -- Three Generations of Williams
We loved having Granddad and Grandma come visit!

Josiah's first bath at home

One week old Josiah -- long and lean

Love those blue eyes and adorable facial expressions

We lost our umbilical cord stump!

We love our little man.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Introducing Josiah Raef Williams

He's here!  On April 17, 2012 at 5:19am, Josiah Raef Williams made his appearance and greeted us at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN.  He was met by an expectant mom and dad, Gigi, and Aunt Ashley, along with the hospital staff and Dr. Crowe, mom's OB.  
Here are some pictures of the first moments of Josiah's life:

Dr. Crowe delivering Josiah and handing him to Mommy.  Daddy shouts, "It's a boy!"
Mom's first moments with her son

Josiah being checked by the nurses

Daddy watching over his son as he's being checked

Weight: 7lbs 6 oz.
Length: 19.5 inches long

Happy and healthy baby, clean and swaddled

Daddy and Josiah

Gigi and Daddy loving Josiah

Josiah meeting Gigi and Daddy

Mommy and Josiah

The New Williams Family -- Mom, Dad, and Josiah

Mommy and Gigi
Mommy in love with her son

Josiah Raef Williams, our blessing from above!